OnStaged: Content first, author second

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While scrolling through Twitter like most people, I’m guilty of paying closer attention to the random thoughts from celebrities than the ones from my peers.  We’re all more inclined to favorite a tweet from Kim Kardashian recapping her morning activities than an intellectual post from our friend.

OnStaged, a free app now available, encourages users to get back to the basics and focus on the content, not the person posting it.  OnStaged functions as a crossover between traditional social media sites and those based on complete anonymity such as, Yik Yak.  A user is able to send a 140-character post, which remains anonymous until after the reader has finished reading and either liked or disliked the post.  The app has the potential to grow in the future and even offer a feature of filtering the posts based on your friends.  Each post can also be shared further through Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and Weibo.

Social media is meant to share one individual’s voice with users around the world.  Overall its objective is to break down the normal boundaries of sharing information and allow connections to form through the Internet. OnStaged also does not have the option for following specific accounts so each person’s post is shared among all users.  The ideas of emphasizing the words as opposed to the author and not limiting the viewers could help social media return to its original goal.

Click here for more info about OnStaged.


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