20 Jun Instagram TV is Here!

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Instagram’s long-form video hub is here and it is a gamechanger for the platform and competitors. In what may be the biggest update since Instagram Stories, users wil..

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13 Jun 5 Don'ts of Social Media Copywriting

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Picture this: you’ve been working hard to build your brand. Years of sweat and tears poured into your dream and it’s all becoming a reality. You know it’s time to build a social media prese..

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27 Feb What You Need to Know About Vero

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If you were on social media at all this past weekend, you probably noticed Instagram users sharing links to their new Vero profiles. What’s Vero, you ask? We’re her..

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18 Oct I Met My Favorite Influencers IRL. This is What I Learned

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Influencers, they’re just like us. Well that is, if we constantly jet around the globe for fashion week, look flawlessly candid holding a coffee, and have brands comp..

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28 Sep The Chosen Ones: Twitter Doubles Their Character Count to Select Users

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey toyed with the idea of expanding the character limit of tweets in 2015 and now, the time has finally come. Twitter has started testing 280 chara..

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21 Sep Building An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Whether your brand is new or established, developing a social media marketing strategy is of prime importance to your marketing efforts. Read More

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