Socialfly and Maple, A Love Story

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Now this is a story all about how our senior design strategist married a salad…

If you haven’t heard of Maple yet, then it might be safe to say you’ve been living under a rock… or a heavy pile of fresh Winter Storm Jonas snow. Just in case you’re one of the unlucky few who haven’t had a chance to experience the $12 – $14 gourmet lunch experience that is Maple, here is a quick rundown, straight from their site:

“Maple is a new food concept that combines New York’s best chefs and culinary talent with high-quality ingredients and rotating daily menus, all delivered straight to your door with the tap of a button.”

As an office of female millennials always on the lookout for the next big thing in cheap food, we were easily intrigued when our CEO Stephanie told us she scored free meals for each one of us to try Maple during the month of January. Free food? We’re in. On January 14, we filed into the office, one by one, and checked the Maple menu for the day. There it was, the Spicy Shrimp Caesar Salad, on the menu for the first time, and Amber had to have it. Lunch was ordered, the delivery came, and the salad was fantastic. As most social media enthusiasts do when we have too much time and too many feelings, Amber took to Twitter to tell the world about how her life was now changed! There was a new man in her life, and his name was Shrimp Caesar.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 5.01.16 PM

Our afternoon went on as usual. Our bellies were full and our clients were happy. What more could we ask for? The day was winding down and up popped Amber’s inbox with one new email. It contained a save the date from Maple’s Community Manager Courtney:

Calligraphic Frames - Printable Wedding Invitation Templates
Calligraphic Frames – Printable Wedding Invitation Templates

If we didn’t work in one of the leading New York City social media marketing agencies, we would have laughed together and chalked up the email to creative community management, but that is just not us. We quickly jumped to get in touch with Maple and put together the world’s first girl/salad wedding.

On Monday, January 25th, love was in the air. The morning progressed without a hitch. Amber was a blushing bride to be. The time was set, and at 12:30 pm she would be a single lady no longer.

It was half-past noon and Courtney, Maple’s Community Manager, arrived with cake in hand to attend the ceremony of her beloved coworker. Our catered feast arrived and our officiant took her place.IMG_0617 (2)

The wedding was beautiful, as you may have seen if you followed along on our Socialfly Snapchat story. Our officiant led Amber and Caesar through a beautiful speech. The two promised to love and cherish, have and hold, admire and eat. The photos were beautiful and were of course shared immediately. The Internet could not believe how beautiful the wedding of a girl and her salad could be!


Now, you might be asking, how did we pull off the wedding of the century? It was all about community management and connecting!

If it weren’t for Courtney and her fast-acting CM work, we would never have had the idea to force encourage Amber to marry a salad. We very quickly realized that we needed to get our own community manager on the task and connect with Maple socially. Through tagging and commenting on various social channels, we were able to build connections with the Maple team and bring them on board with our wedding plans.

The moral of the story all about how our senior design strategist married a salad? Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and look a little silly! Use the strength and power of your brand to connect with others, and be passionate! If you’re going to do something, give it your all.

We wish the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness and satisfied stomachs.


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