Periscope vs. YouTube: Which Video Platform is Best for Your Brand?

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Over the past few months, Periscope has become a new social media craze that has provided brands with a way to connect with their audiences in real-time. However, many companies are still not exactly sure how to best utilize it, and many more are not sure how to differentiate it from longtime platform YouTube. Below are key differences between the two video platforms:


  • Video will remain on a brand’s channel until it is taken down.
  • Viewers can interact with the video by liking it and commenting on it after it has been posted.
  • YouTube has a much bigger fan base. According to YouTube, the platform has over a billion monthly users. Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours of video on YouTube to generate billions of views.
  • Top Brands on YouTube:
    • GoPro: The action camera brand shares POV video across its four channels to its almost 3.5 million subscribers.
    • PlayStation: The Sony company has almost 4 million followers and pushes out various types of content – game tutorials, promotional videos, tips and tricks, in-game moments, and exclusive sneak peeks.


  • Videos only remain on the app 24 hours after they were originally posted.
  • Viewers can instantly interact with the videos they tune in to. However, this feature is no longer available once the video is no longer being broadcast live.
  • Currently, Periscope has just over 10 million users.
  • Top brands that are utilizing Periscope:
    • Red Bull: The socially forward energy drink brand tested out the live streaming app during Miami Music Week, giving viewers an insider’s look into the events happening at its Red Bull Guest House.
    • DKNY: The fashion brand gave its viewers a behind the scenes look into its fashion closet in a recent broadcast.

In order to decide which platform is best for your brand, you must evaluate your objectives and decide what your business is looking to accomplish. If you’re looking to reach the masses, having a presence on YouTube may be a better option. However, if you’re looking to breakout into the unknown, Periscope could be the way to go, as there is still plenty of open market space to become a top Periscoper in your industry.

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