Pinterest Rolls Out New Look for Business Profiles

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One of our favorite social media platforms just got a new facelift! Amongst several other updates, Pinterest business profiles now include new rotating showcases that are the “first things people see” when they visit them, providing brands with a creative way to introduce themselves to users! More than 1 million businesses that utilize the social network can handpick the pins that display the best of what they have to offer.

This new feature really allows brands and businesses alike to have more control over what their page visitors see. Up to five boards can be featured, and Buyable Pins can also be highlighted. Pinterest is aware that it has a huge opportunity to target consumers with options to purchase as users are often on the platform to shop and look for ideas, which is why this update is awesome! We equate this update to a department store’s window display, with brands being able to highlight what’s new each season and what might be on sale as a way to entice potential customers.

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Along with the new design, Pinterest also added a few other cosmetic improvements to the platform:

  • Users’ liked Pins are now only visible to them.
  • There are now separate tabs for boards and pins.
  • On mobile, a user’s showcase will now appear in the spot “formerly occupied by [their] most recent pins.”

These changes have rolled out on the web and on its apps.

What do you think of Pinterest’s new showcase feature? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image via Pinterest’s Blog.

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