3 Tips to Boost your LinkedIn Profile!

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I truly believe that LinkedIn is one social networking tool that is too frequently forgotten. LinkedIn provides a unique and incredibly useful service that allows individuals to access and connect with business leaders and professional networks. If you are having trouble making your profile stand out, simply utilize the following 3 easy and rewarding LinkedIn tips!

One. Update your profile picture to a recent, and more importantly professional, photo. The photo should show your personality, without being inappropriate. Furthermore, make sure that it is a solo-shot and that you are wearing business appropriate attire.

Two. Follow your dream employers! After all, the whole point to LinkedIn is to help you gain access to professional networks and speak with influential business leaders. Aim for your dream job, and that following will help link you to contacts in your desired industry.

Three. Use optimal keywords in your profile. Keywords that highlight your personal skills help potential employers to find your LinkedIn profile.

Lastly, be sure to avoid these disastrous LinkedIn mistakes.



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