Meet the Team: Bitmoji Edition

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Since our new rebrand launch, we’ve been taking care of that whole “new year, new you” thing a little early this year.
So, without further ado, introducing… the new Socialfly team:


Alex Goldsmith
“If missing, you can find me at the Socialfly water cooler. I have never met anyone who drinks more water than I do. Unfortunately, it does have its down side…”


Amber Sakis
“My Bitmoji showcases my status as the go-to millennial slang expert. Although, ‘word’ is pretty outdated. Let’s get with it, Bitmoji.”



Becky Brewer
“Becky – Japanese for sushi monster.”


Cara Duffy
“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy pizza and that’s kind of the same thing.”


Courtney Spritzer
“I am glued to my phone and am always discovering new things!”


Emily Gettings
“Because my fave thing to do is lay around and drink margs.”


Emily Kanoff
“Like my heroes Ashanti and Ja Rule, I’m al..always on time.”


Gabby Jankowsky
“Lives for Taco Tuesday”


Jen Shin


Joanne Reiter
“In my perfect world I would be surrounded by tons of puppies!”


Kaitlyn Gallagher
“I chose this Bitmoji because I like to think of myself as the resident Socialfly cheerleader! I try to be upbeat and spread positive vibes to all of my lovely fellow Socialflies!”


Kim Cadavid
“I’ve got a black belt in keepin’ it real.”


Megan Toscano
“A comic book nerd at heart, I aspire to be a real-life WonderWoman, sans the sword and tiara.”


Nicole Mills
“I chose ‘Because I’m Worth It’ because I believe you should have standards for yourself in everything that you do. I hold myself to these standards personally and professionally.”


Sarah Page


Stephanie Cartin
“I chose the cheerleader because I love keeping the team positive!”

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