Can We Talk About All of The New Instagram Updates Recently?

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 It is just me, or did 2017 seem like one ongoing duet of “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” between Snapchat and Instagram? While the two continue to try and out-innovate the other, Instagram is off to a strong lead in large part because of some major fails on Snapchat’s behalf. To be fair, Snapchat has made some changes in response to the overwhelmingly negative feedback about their redesigned platform. Snapchat mishaps aside, Instagram has been making tech headlines (in a good way) for all of the new features they are testing that are sure to boost social media engagement on the platform.

Our Algorithm Prayers Have Been Answered, Well At Least Addressed

Let’s start with an update that will affect everyone on the platform, the return to a (mostly) reverse chronological feed. After Instagram changed their feed to an algorithmic formula based on social media engagement, users were quick to complain about seeing content from days ago at the top of their feeds. Instagram finally listened and began testing a “New Posts” button that allows users to choose when they want to refresh their feed. Instagram shared in a blog post that they will be sharing more about changes to the feed in the months ahead. We give them kudos for listening to their users and at least testing a change.


As an agency and brand, we know how important it is to promote your account to the right people. Instagram knows it too and recently rolled out a feature that lets users link to hashtags and other accounts from their profile. This update is great for influencers to spotlight accounts they love, brands they are partnering with, or members of their Instagram Pod to boost social media engagement.

Another Snapchat Copycat

It would be wrong to assume that Instagram is done “borrowing” features from Snapchat, but this feature is a pretty blatant clone. Instagram is testing a new Nametags feature that is essentially Snapcodes. The feature lets users create a special image that other users can scan to follow you. Again, this is another great tool for brands and influencers to grow their following and promote their accounts offline as well. Think business cards, posters, media kits, etc.

Instagram Q&A

News broke today that Instagram is also testing a new Sticker on Stories that gives users the power to ask questions and receive anonymous answers from followers. This could be a HUGE update for brands to engage their audiences in real time and get a little more insight and social media engagement than just a yes or no from a poll. For us regular users, I am sure the anonymous aspect will drive us crazy, but it’s probably for the best.

Focus Filter

Last but not least, Instagram rolled out a new Focus Lens on Stories! This lens is similar to portrait mode for iPhones and focuses on faces while blurring the background. If you’re like me and are still living in the stone age with an iPhone 7, this update feels more like an upgrade.
As someone who works in the social media space, I can’t say that Snapchat and Instagram’s feud hasn’t been entertaining, and not that I’m keeping score or anything, but I’ve got to give it to Instagram for the time being. What feature do you want to see from the platforms? Tweet us @socialfly with your picks!

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