Fool-proof Copywriting Formulas for Social Media

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Social media: Crowded channels that are a necessary evil for brands to reach, build a loyal following, and foster community.

You: A social media manager looking to cut through the clutter and construct content that speaks directly to your audience.

Problem: A new product is launching. A big press release just came in. A new service must be announced to your following. Can you fit a captivating, share-worthy story into a social media update? If constructed correctly, the copy can have an impact by changing a thought or persuading an audience.

Good news: There’s a simple formula for that. Several of them, actually. Copywriters have tested and tested again the best ways to draw readers in. Using these tried and true methods will help ensure that you’re not only engaging your audience, but you’re being efficient. Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.

Test out any one of these formulas below for your copy and see how they might improve your social media content.

The 4 C’s

  • Clear

  • Concise

  • Compelling

  • Credible

This top formula serves as a reminder to stay focused on the message you’re trying to send to the reader. Keep the writing clear, concise, find a compelling angle to write from, and instill the trust that what you’re serving is credible. Here’s an example below from the Socialfly Twitter:

The 4 U’s

  • Useful

  • Urgent

  • Unique

  • Ultra-specific

While we’re on the topic of things that come in fours—let’s discuss the four U’s. This formula is a little more dramatic than the 4 C’s. This approach seems like it was tailor-made for social media. The need to be urgent and specific mesh well with short captions and the fast pace. Be useful to the reader while providing a sense of urgency, point out what sets this idea apart or makes it unique, and be ultra-specific with everything above.


  • Attention

  • Interest

  • Desire

  • Action

A veteran of the game: AIDA is a go-to for writers of all skill levels because it works. You grab the reader’s attention, serve them something interesting, instill desire, and then tell them what to do next.


  • Who is this written for?

  • Why should they care?

  • When can they expect it?

  • What must they do next?

These are not to be confused with the famous five W’s, but it’s the same concept. These are important questions that need answering. Below is an example of our promotion for our Facebook Live show, #SocialLIVE. It’s targeted to people who are interested in memes and sparks their interest in the origin of memes. It then gives the details of when the audience can find out and all they have to do is follow the link to tune in.

This blog serves as a small list of ways to get started and get your thoughts out there in 280 characters or less. There are plenty of approaches out there that can help guide you on the road to creating compelling content.

In the end, to be persuasive and thumb-stopping in copywriting, you must be authentic to your brand voice. Test out different formulas, tweak your approach to what works for your audience, and refine your brand voice to really make an impact.

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