Instagram Rolls Out Product Launch Tools

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, we can expect to see a bevy of brands looking for ways to leverage social to generate interest in their products and drive purchase intent. Instagram is looking to help! Though currently in beta, Instagram is testing a new product launch sticker for Instagram Stories, and a product launch tag option for their main feed. These features will allow users to set reminders for an item launch date and preview the product details. 

Instagram has continued along that line with a beta test of a new product launch sticker in Instagram Stories, and a product launch tag option in the main feed. The two options will enable users to set reminders for the item launch date, preview the product details in-stream, and then make a subsequent purchase as soon as a product becomes available – all without leaving Instagram. According to Layla Amjadi, a product manager for Instagram Shopping, the platform is moving towards building a “personalized mall” for everyone, that would allow users to create a digital shopping experience customized to their personal needs.

This feature will enable users to maintain connection with the latest trends and releases from the network they’re already following on the platform. We look forward to seeing how this new feature will impact an already existing hype and culture around product drops & limited edition collections, especially in the fashion and beauty space. 

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