A Guide to Instagram Image Sizes

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Feeling a bit confused about the proper photo size for Instagram? We can give you a play-by-play of your new options.

Instagram’s previous “square” look was the app’s most recognizable feature, but they have since changed the process of posting to the platform. Gone are the days of toiling with a third party application to size your images to square! Instead, Instagram now allows you to format your image size “in-app” into a landscape, portrait (as seen below), or square.

Originally, the app used images with the dimensions of 612 x 612 px, making it difficult for individuals to pull images off the app to reuse because of their low quality. Instagram’s image sizes now use either a width or height of 1080 px, or both if you stay “square.”

Healthy sunday ?

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This change is huge for those who use Instagram to showcase their skills on the platform, such as wedding, nature, and lifestyle photographers. With the ability to maintain the proper image composition, photographers are able to feature a broader range of their work without Instagram’s limitations.

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