ICYMI: Instagram’s New Video Channels

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Video is only getting bigger, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Following its video length increase from 15 to 60 seconds and addition of video ad carousels, Instagram has now introduced tailored “Picked for You” video channels within the app’s explore tab. Not to be confused with the original “Recommended for You” compilation of random videos, this new feature will collect relevant videos by topic and push them into your explore tab.

Instagram hasn’t revealed how they are pushing these topics to users, but taking into consideration how the explore page is currently curated, it will most likely be tailored to posts and users you frequently interact with and/or follow. So if you frequent makeup tutorial posts or those addictive recipe videos (my personal favorite), you’ll start seeing a lot more of them!

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Instagram’s strategy with video thus far has clearly worked, so it’s no surprise that Instagram is beefing up their offerings for video, as they have reported that length of video viewership has increased 150% in the last six months. With the push of these curated channels, video engagement will only grow in the coming months. That is, if you’re like me and actually use the explore tab on Instagram to find new content.

The initial launch will feature about 20 topics with more on the way: Oddly Satisfying, Cheerleaders, Dancers, Calligraphy, Special Effects Makeup, Comedians, Barbers Cake Decorating, Ceramics, Comic Book, Artists, Pitbulls, Gymnasts, Nail Artists, Hair Tutorials, Singers, Bakers, Makeup Tutorials, Ballet Dancers, Trickshots, Artists, Makers & Artisans, Baseball Players, and Skateboarders (Mashable).

What other channels do you think will make the cut? What are some of your favorite videos on the platform? I’ll be here, waiting for a dank memes channel.

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