How To Respond to Negative Reviews and Comments Towards Your Business

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Building a community on social media is relevant to your business, but maintaining that community’s happiness is essential for success. Many companies in this day in age recognize the fact that social media is necessary to stay afloat. However, most are missing the mark regarding improving customer retention and customer service through responding to negative reviews. Below we discuss how to respond to negative reviews and comments in an efficient manner. 

Users take to the internet to share both positive and negative experiences and reviews. Whether you are a service, brand, or personality, the only way to gain a following and develop trust in your buyers is by being responsive to all feedback.

Many brands are missing the mark by not responding to a negative review as they feel it will create an open forum for more unhappy customers. In reality, when brands own their mistakes and offer assistance to users, this shows a genuine appreciation for their business and that you care about creating a solution. Posting quality content and maintaining a presence is important on social media platforms, but if users are displeased with the services or products of a brand and continue to slander the name on these posts, they are useless.

In a study done by Sprout Social, 73 percent of people have had a bad experience with a brand on social. If they don’t receive a response, 30 percent of those users are likely to go to a competitor. While it may seem easier to ignore a negative response, most users reach out to brands to speak with a customer service or sales representative.

Responding to Negative Reviews

The public nature of social media is both a blessing and a curse. When users post reviews on social media, other consumers may see and engage if they are experiencing the same thing. According to Bright Local’s study on consumer reviews, 88% of people read reviews to determine the quality of a local business. That is why maintaining these reviews is so important. If a user on Facebook gives a local spa a 3-star rating because it didn’t meet their expectations, others are likely to see the poor rating and pick a competitor. However, if the spa replies apologizing, users will see the receptiveness of the brand and appreciate the excellent customer service.

Often forgotten, is the importance of response time and how important it is to your page. It is good to be helpful, but in our age of instant gratification, it is vital to be timely. Users expect an answer within four hours, but most do not receive a response until days later or at all. Now, customers can see your response on your business’ page. Potential consumers may turn to a competitor who is more responsive to customers if yours is low due to inefficiency. 

While dealing with dissatisfaction on social media is important, responding to positive reviews builds your brand as well. Happy customers are even more likely to shop when they feel a part of your brand’s community. Show your appreciation while looking for ways to build a conversation and additional sales when appropriate.

Without the social aspect, it is in fact just media. So be social with your customers, your results will thank you.

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