How Brands Can and Should Use Instagram Stories

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The list of social media platforms that brands should be using is continuing to grow, and you can now add Instagram Stories to that list.

We know making your first Instagram Story can be intimidating and questions like, “Is this good enough?” or “Will they like me?” come to mind. Content on Instagram Stories isn’t going to be the same edited, filtered, perfected images you find on users’ Instagram feeds; they’re going to be taken with a phone camera, edited with stickers and writing, then shared out for only 24 hours. In other words, Instagram Stories catches all the action that falls between the cracks.


Instagram Stories feels more casual, fun, and fleeting than other platforms (which is probably part of the reason this type of shared content appeals to Millennials so much). Showcase your brand and give it a personality, and don’t worry about pictures that aren’t perfectly Photoshopped.


Best Practices

Create a Sense of Urgency. A great way to motivate users to take any sort of action on your campaigns is by creating a sense of urgency. Instagram Stories is not different, and it’s “see it before it’s gone” aspect automatically gives a sense of must-act-now to your followers. Create content that will capitalize on this natural urgency to encourage fans to take action—announce flash sales, special discounts, or exclusive content—to get higher engagement.


Take Photos and Videos. The more the merrier, right? At least in this case, sharing a mix of images and videos can keep followers engaged and interested in what’s coming next. Images are easy to capture and edit for quick content. Videos (in all their 15-second glory) are dynamic and bring your brand to life. With Instagram Stories’ reported 150 million daily users, using multiple types of media never hurt anybody.

Tell A Story.

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram Stories automatically play one after the next. You can seize this opportunity to tell a story across multiple posts, which builds suspense and interest, and allows you to overcome the briefness of the 15-second time limit. If you’re stuck on how to create a story, follow this guideline:

  • Hook your audience
  • Build anticipation
  • Tell the story
  • Say goodbye


As such a new way to connect with consumers, it will be interesting to see how brands utilize Instagram Stories this year. Experiment with exciting and engaging content to find out what works best with your audience.

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