Hottest Restaurant Locations in NYC – Where are all the Influencers Dining?

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Drool-worthy food pictures have always been popular on Instagram. Yet salivating over gorgeous images that influencers post of decadent entrees and fancy pastries have followers doing more than just double tapping. These posts are helping to determine which restaurants have a line around the block. Using New York City as a case study, we rounded up a few examples of some of the most featured restaurants on Instagram!

Picture Perfect Coffee Shops

Influencer meet-ups are happening over a cup of coffee daily. So how do you make sure that your shop gets featured? Cute stores like Woops and Remi Flower & Coffee serve up eye-catching caffeinated drinks and delicious snacks in truly Instagrammable locations. It’s no surprise that they have both been geotagged on Instagram more times than we can count. Pay attention to décor and set aside space for influencers to capture great photos if they are going to tag your venue!

Lavish Brunch Options

Everyone loves a tasty brunch spread, especially in New York City! The trick here is to serve trendy food items in addition to your classic brunch staples (think avocado toast!) Hot spots like Flex Mussels and The Butcher’s Daughter both know how to serve up food that tastes great and photographs well. Invite an influencer pod to your restaurant for a delicious brunch and provide them with plenty of time to photograph the menu items. Their fans will be flocking to your restaurant in no time.

Lively Spots for Dinner and Drinks

Finding the perfect spot to grab dinner and drinks with friends is always a challenge. It’s no wonder people turn to Instagram for inspiration on where to make their next reservation. (You don’t want to be the one who brings your group to a boring restaurant!) This summer, DEZ has been all the rage, as evidenced by numerous Influencer posts at this new hot spot. Check them out below to see for yourself!

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