Facebook’s Influencer Marketing Matchmaker

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Always innovating, Facebook’s new money-making matchmaker tool may make it easier for brands and businesses to expand their influencer marketing network.


Information recently leaked that they have created a search engine to connect marketers with social media creators to collaborate on sponsored Facebook content and expand their influencer marketing network. Currently, in creation stages, this tool will be called “Branded Content Matching.” 

With all of the audience data that Facebook has access to, this will allow advertisers to find the perfect influencers for their campaign. Searching by geography, characteristics, age, gender, education, relationship status, etc. of the influencer and their fans will help companies reach their ideal target market. Marketers will even be able to reach out to them via this tool about partnerships and collaborations.

From what we’ve heard, influencers will need to opt-in to participate in using this tool. An important fact to note is that all data will come from Facebook. Not included are data and metrics from Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. Unfortunately, those apps are where most of these creators spend their time and post most of their content. Facebook is hoping that creators will turn to their platform more often to grow their influencer marketing network.

Social media mavens promote brands in a natural, engaging, and personable way which a brand cannot do themselves. This is why so many brands are hopping on the bandwagon. Facebook now jumping at this opportunity could eventually lead to a lot of money on their end. As for companies, it could potentially help reach the exact audiences they’re looking for.

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