Facebook Dating Update: Stories As The New Profile Bio

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Ever since Facebook Dating’s launch in early September, the app has been looking for ways to differentiate itself from the many successful dating apps already crowding the space. Last week, it was announced that Facebook Dating users are now able to add their Facebook and Instagram stories to their dating profiles, allowing potential suitors to get a glimpse into their everyday life. This is an innovative twist on the traditional hours spent creating the perfect dating profile bio, which is never quite successful in encapsulating someone’s true personality. By adding stories that you are already creating on both Facebook and Instagram, Facebook Dating users are able to offer a more candid look into their personality and interests, without having to carve out additional time to create specific content for their dating profiles. 

It is important to note that Facebook Dating users will remain in control when it comes to choosing what content appears on their profiles, and they will be able to pick which stories best represent them. Since launching, Facebook Dating already has a competitive advantage on other popular dating apps, and it will be interesting to see which ones attempt to integrate their own versions of stories on their platforms. This appears are a solid solution to some of dating apps’ biggest issues, namely the disconnect between someone’s dating profile and their actual interests and personality. Stories are used on both Instagram and Facebook to reveal more candid moments, as opposed to the increasingly staged and stilted in-feed static posts. By combining these spontaneous pieces of content with a dating app, users will have a much better sense of who they are interacting with, making online dating an even more natural and safe experience.

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