Introducing Facebook Newsroom: What we know so far

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“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”: Facebook has re-implemented a dedicated place for news on its platform. Facebook Newsroom will allow users to explore a wide range of news stories directly within the Facebook app. Over 200 publishers like The Wall Street Journal and BuzzFeed News are already confirmed to be on board. In addition to the major publishers, Facebook will include some human curation by a small editorial team of journalists, who will select top stories for publication. Computerized algorithms will match user interest offering a wide variety of news stories.

This is not the first time Facebook has attempted to go down the news avenue. Facebook sparked controversy in 2016 over allegations of editors suppressing stories featuring more conservative points of view, which resulted in Facebook shutting down this area of the platform. “Working with the news industry to get Facebook’s News tab right is our goal and focus this year. We are getting tremendous partner feedback on the product, and looking forward to launching this very soon. I believe we can provide people on Facebook a better news experience,” states Campbell Brown, Facebook’s vice president for global news partnerships.

Needless to say, we look forward to seeing how this new(ish) feature will shape our daily news consumption.

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