Everything You Need to Know About the New Instagram Algorithm

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Instagram changed its algorithm, which means the order in which you see posts in your feed will soon be different. Since introducing its first sponsored posts in 2013, Instagram has been slowly changing its ad platform, which has greatly benefited brands. Naturally, the next logical step in the development of the platform’s advertising is to modify what is shown in the feed.

So what does this mean for brands? Going forward, the quality of Instagram posts will become more important than the quantity. By decreasing the amount of posts shared, brands can focus on sharing more relevant and engaging content, and create more space for ads. Marketers and strategists will need to spend more time creating high quality, relevant content in order to capture their audience.

How can brands take advantage of the new algorithm change to stay ahead of competition?

Invest in Advertising

Advertising on social media has become a necessity for brands this year. Reserving at least a small budget for Instagram advertising can have a positive impact on engagement levels. “Advertisers have a unique window of opportunity to stand out with highly visual creative that delivers true value to the end user. If that value comes in the form of entertaining, informing, or enlightening the Instagram user, these early brands will make strong and lasting connections” (Social Media Today).

Increase Quality Content

Less is always more! Within the course of the past year, content on Instagram has nearly tripled. In order to stand out in such a noisy space, brands need to spend more time creating content that is shareable and highly creative.

Leverage Influencers

Celebrities and influencers are in demand in the digital space now more than ever. The most powerful form of marketing comes from the people that consumers trust the most. Depending on the brand’s guidelines, influencers craft their own content for a product or service and market it to their audience for a lasting impression.

Utilize Video Content

Instagram now allows up to 60-second long videos. The platform announced that the view time of Instagram videos has increased by 40% within the last six months. “The rise in mobile video viewing can be attributed to several factors: an increase in overall time spent on mobile, the convenience of on-demand viewing, a preference for digital video viewing, and increased availability of mobile video content” (Business Insider).

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