Welcome to a world through glass, Google glass!

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Google’s most recent and buzz worthy product, Google glass, is working to change the way people live and interact with technology and the world around them. The intention of Google glass is to give each user the ability to have access to functions that would have previously required full attention and the use of one’s hands. Google glass differs in that it offers a hands free approach to a smart and multipurpose device. The glass allows people to live actively and not give up the technology they love. One can snap pictures, take videos, follow directions or answer any question you may have!

The design of Google glass is super light weight, sleek, and slim on the face. The idea is to create a non invasive glass, rather than a wall between the user and his or her friends and family. The glass is intended to enable users, not handicap them! However, as the glasses are still being tested by selected users and not fully released to the public, Google is being alerted to major problems with the product.

For example, a hearing impaired individual has demonstrated that the product is definitely not for the deaf population. If you are an individual who relies on lip reading and visualizing the speaker, than Google glass will be nearly impossible to understand. However, the product does offer many visually operated functions, such as navigation, camera use, messaging and Facetime capabilities.

How do you feel about Google glass? Is it invasive and awkward or smart and innovative? Either way, I know I would definitely want to take the glass for a spin!


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