Best Tweets From the 2016 Oscar Awards

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What’s your favorite part of the Oscars every year? Ours happens to be following the event on Twitter (well that, and all of the amazing dresses, tuxedos, and film buzz), and this year we took stock of all of our favorite tweets during the ever-so-entertaining awards ceremony. We tried our best to include a fair amount of non-Leo related tweets, but we just couldn’t help ourselves – we’ve been waiting his entire career for this.

1. Jacob Tremblay’s response to seeing Star Wars characters on stage:

2. Mindy Kaling’s confusion during Sam Smith’s performance:

3. Vice President Joe Biden congratulated Lady Gaga on her amazing performance:

4. The cold, hard truth about Henry Cavill’s jawline:

5. The reunion we all wish would have happened on stage:

6. How we all felt at 11:30 PM:

7. Quite possibly the greatest response to Leo’s Oscar win:

8. Another Leo-related tweet for all the Inception fans out there:

9. How we all think Leo celebrated backstage:

10. And finally, Kanye’s much needed approval for Leo’s big win:

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