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At this point in time almost every major company has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presence, but many brands have yet to master the art of YouTube. YouTube has over 105 million unique users searching and discovering video on the website almost every month. A YouTube channel is your own 24/7 platform where you can market your brand. It’s a place where you can build and engage an audience. Research has shown that building a strong presence on YouTube is a critical element for a digital marketing strategy.

Below are the top YouTube channels from brands that are ahead of the game when it comes to harvesting the full potential of the platform:


5. Go Pro

With over 1.7 million subscribers, Go Pro is the fifth largest brand on Youtube. This California-based digital camera manufacture keeps its subscribers entertained with exhilarating extreme sports videos that will make your head spin!

4. Six Pack Shortcuts

On the hunt for workout videos, fitness tips, or just want to get ripped? Six Pack Shortcuts has your back! This successful YouTube channel shows its audience how to stay in shape in the comfort of their own homes. One of its most effective techniques is consistency. Not only do they post entertaining videos, but they do so on a regular schedule, which is important in keeping your brand at the front of the digital landscape.

3. PlayStation

This YouTube channel is every gamer’s dream. PlayStation has over 2 million subscribers on its popular channel. This world-renowned brand consistently posts videos of trailers for upcoming video games, how-to videos, and, most importantly, new product launches.

2. Nintendo

Nintendo not only has a well-run YouTube channel, but this brand also advertises on this popular platform. Nintendo frequently engages with its online community by commenting and participating in conversation and answering any questions that users have.

1. Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures is a shining example of prime digital video content. As we know, content is KING in the digital landscape. Sony not only posts consistent videos, but they make sure to create content that audiences want so see. This brand creates videos that are unique, entertaining and always high quality.

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