5 Tips to Enhance Your Video Content

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Is your video content lacking?

If so, you might be missing out on the opportunity to position your brand for success. Video offers a unique opportunity to communicate stories in a way that truly resonates with the consumer.

In hopes of taking your video content to the next level, here are five tips to help improve your video content.


Testimonials have become an incredibly powerful marketing tool. And no, we’re not talking about testimonials from celebrities whose lives the consumer has difficulty connecting to.

We’re talking about testimonials from real people! According to a report by Stackla, 86% of people find authenticity to be important when deciding what brands they want to support.

There’s nothing more authentic than real consumers telling real stories.


What problem are you solving for the consumer?

That’s quite possibly the most important question you need to ask yourself before making a video. Because all of your messaging should be targeted at explaining how you can solve that problem.

People want videos that convey situations they can relate to. If you’re marketing a laundry soap, you can have fun with how you portray knocking out stains, but the message should always be clear, “we eliminate stains.”


If your video has a beautiful story and terrible visuals, what good is it? And the same goes for the story if the audience can’t connect to what you are saying, your visuals will fall flat.

Make sure that your videos are as aesthetically pleasing as they are powerful.

Picking the right location, set, and props are extremely important when creating your video. Don’t just assume you can walk out into your backyard, and with some movie magic, produce a high-quality video.

Here’s a great example from Red Bull of connecting story with visuals to create a truly awe-inspiring ad.


People are too smart nowadays to fall for anything fake.

I like to call it, “The Jimmy Kimmel Affect.”

A few years ago he made a video of a girl knocking a candle over while doing a handstand and catching her apartment on fire. The video went viral for months and then Kimmel released the full version and showed it was a stunt set up by his show.

Since then, you can’t get anything by the internet. If they even catch one whiff of it being fake, your brand is done for.

That’s why I love these ads from Wild Turkey featuring Matthew McConaughey. He’s not just another actor working with a spirits brand, he lays out the real connections he has to Wild Turkey and why he’s so passionate about it.



Videos that get remembered bring out strong emotions.

Whether that’s making the audience cry, laugh, or simply smile, stirring up emotions is a major key.

One of the best ways to stir emotions is by taking a stance on issues that are relevant in the world. It’s important to show people that you care about the same things that they do.

Stand with those who need a voice, and help give it to them.

P&G is quite possibly the best at doing this in the business. They are constantly creating video campaigns that make you feel and think.


Have any tips that we missed? Let us know!

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