3 Time-Wasting Social Media Habits You Immediately Need to Stop

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Life has many distractions and one of the biggest distractions of them 
all is the Internet. So for anyone who works in social media getting 
work done can be a struggle at times. I am going to discuss the bad 
and distracting habits social media marketers have while posting for 

When you’re integrating social media into your marketing, you have to
 unlearn everything you know about how to use it properly. You have to 
learn to get rid of the time-wasting habits.  According to Laura Roeder, here’s what to do

1. Neutralize Social Media’s Distraction Power
. It can be easy and fun to scroll through tons of news feeds all day
 but it’s pretty impractical. So, you should

 A) Divide and conquer your feed
, setting time limits for yourself! 

B) Don’t be a passive observer while you’re on social media. If you’re spending time on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites but not
 engaging, it’s as though it never happened. Leave traces behind–like
 posts, retweets, favorite status updates, and respond to comments.

2. Stop Doing Everything in Real Time

. Taking the time out of your day to post on social media is disruptive. 

With an automation tool that publishes your posts according to a 
schedule, you can write and upload social media updates en masse; 
consolidating your work and eliminating disruptive tasks from your
 daily schedule.

3. Don’t Maintain a Constant Presence on Social Media

. You should maintain a regular presence on social media, you don’t 
need to maintain a constant one. 

Use your analytics to determine when you get and respond to 
engagement the most, and create a schedule for yourself. Set times
 throughout the day when you can log onto social media specifically for
responding to your followers, and use those times only for that purpose.

Now that you are aware of these time-wasting habits hopefully you can 
continue to social media manage with a less distracted mind.

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