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There are millions of restaurants in NYC to indulge your taste buds, but there are a few places that leave you thinking about the culinary experience long after the last bite. If you are a lover of rich flavors, excellent service and a great ambience, then Caviar Russe  is the place for you! Located on Madison Ave in Midtown East, Caviar Russe is an upscale restaurant offering French, seafood and new American Cuisine. They are also America’s largest caviar importer and distributor dishing out the finest caviar the world has to offer. If caviar is not the fare for you, Caviar Russe has a wide variety of delectable dishes for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch.

Caviar Russe frequently changes up their menu to match the seasonal flavors and this fall you are in for a treat.  A new customer favorite course is the wild prawn featuring a black olive puree; roasted artichokes and a creamy basil sauce drizzled over the crustacean. Another five star dish that I’d like to say is my favorite, is the risotto. This meal includes kabocha squash risotto topped with pork belly and black truffles. I am not a fan of squash but I ate every last bit, this was definitely a home-run meal. Last up on this lavish lunch date was a wild-stripped bass with romanesco broccoli, lobster mushrooms, pearl onions with a parsley puree as well as a drizzled sauce. These were just a few of the new menu items but there are more mouthwatering delicious dishes to try at this fine establishment. Check out

Good food is always in style, but the holidays are a perfect time to indulge in something a little more gourmet. Whether you live in New York City and are looking for a special dinner out or champagne lunch with the girls, or you are trying to impress a fellow foodie with a gift, Caviar Russe is a gem you’ll want to check out. Their caviar and indulgent pairings can be shipped anywhere in the country for entertaining in style. Make sure to follow Caviar Russe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some mouth-watering food photos that look almost too good to eat.


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