Why does food always look better on Instagram?

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I find myself asking this very question over and over again, why does something I cannot taste or smell look like the most delicious meal I could ever hope to order? Is it the rule that food looks better on a smaller plate; is it also applicable when food is on an unattainable plate? That might be the answer, but in all honesty I think it has to do with American culture and the idea of eating for pleasure and luxury. Not only is it important to make your food look impeccable, but also it is important to “tag” the location where you ordered your meal!

Everyone wants followers and everyone wants likes, and I have come to notice that if you take just the right picture, use the right filter, and hashtag properly, you will expand your follower base! One thing that is universally loved is food, so use that fact to your advantage and learn from the tips below when it comes to your Instagram’s obsession with food!

One. Make sure the food actually looks good to begin with! Make your photos worthwhile; otherwise your followers could begin to resent your obsession. For example, photograph your delicious chocolate fondue from the Sugar Factory, not the melty chocolate bar your little sister is snacking on!

Two. Filter still matters! The wrong filter could make your followers feel less than excited. Stay away from Kelvin, and stick to white or natural lights!

Three. If possible, try to incorporate and interesting background. Is the restaurant awesome, or are your friends wearing the perfect little black dress? Be sure to include all the excitement you can!

Four. Tag your location! Let people know where you are and where they can enjoy the same food and atmosphere that you are!

Five. No one wants to see what you’ve ate after you have finished it. If you can’t tell what it is, we don’t want to see it!


For more inspiration, check out these foodie Instagram accounts that could make anyone’s mouth water!!

Sarah Simmons, owner of culinary salon City Grit in NYC! Follow her @citygrit


Jean-Gorges Vongerichten, world-renowned chef! Follow @chefjgv


Portland Coffee Roaster, follow @stumptowncoffee


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