WhatsApp Rolls Out QR Codes and Catalog Links for Businesses

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Whatsapp rolled out two exciting features this week to help brands promote their products and services on the platform. The first upgrade is new QR codes for businesses, which will empower potential customers to connect and start a conversation with the brand on Whatsapp directly from the QR code scan. QR codes are already available in other social platforms, such as Messenger and Instagram, and we predict it will help create seamless communication between Whatsapp users and the brands they are interested in. 

In addition to this update, the messaging app is also launching new catalog links that will help brands better display their products within the platform. Since their launch last year, catalogs have risen in popularity and offered an aesthetically pleasing and efficient way for users to browse product listings while on the go. According to research, over 40 million people browse at least one catalog every month, and the upgraded links should boost these numbers further. The latest update to catalogs will make it easier to users to share product links with their contacts, spreading the word faster!

As Whatsapp upgrades its platform to render it even more eCommerce-friendly, we are looking forward to seeing more innovation and opportunities for users to interact directly with brands on the platform. Whatsapp has swiftly become the most popular messaging platform in parts of the world and with over 50 million people now on the WhatsApp Business App, we are certain the app will continue to expand and evolve.

Did this social media update raise any questions for you? If you are curious to learn more about Whatsapp’s push into eCommerce and recent upgrades, or have any general questions relating to our services, reach out at info@socialflyny.com and we will kickstart a conversation!

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