Beauty E-Commerce Sales: Modernizing Shopping with SMS Marketing

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As online shopping continues to gain popularity during COVID-19, marketers—specifically those in the beauty industry—are adopting a new method of advertising: sending SMS messages directly to consumers’ phones. SMS marketing happens to be a widely effective channel of advertising. From sales, to new products, to limited-time promotions, audiences seem to be more readily engaged when the information is going straight to their messaging apps. 

Further, SMS messaging is the most direct way to connect with a target audience. It provides an opportunity for the brand to have a direct conversation with the consumer, allowing the brand to build the rarely found two-way relationship. The one-to-one engagement when messaging is significantly more effective than a targeted television or Facebook advertisement. 

However, the biggest benefit of using SMS messaging as a form of advertising is that there is no delay between the time the brand sends out the message to the consumer, and when they receive it. Time-sensitive promotions and coupons capitalize on this immediacy. In classic television advertising, a company’s commercial may only run a few times an hour, and there’s no guarantee that the target audience will even see it (they may skip through ads, etc.). With SMS messaging, the target audience is instantly influenced by the ad they receive and their actions follow suit.  

Beauty brands are now capitalizing on this new way of advertising. From sending messages about day-long promotions to exclusive offers for brand loyalty members, beauty brands are using SMS messaging to make sure they don’t waste energy on consumers that their product is irrelevant to. We look forward to seeing how brands continue to use SMS marketing to drive sales, and how consumers respond to this newer form of advertising. We also predict brands will become increasingly creative in how they reach out to their customer base via SMS messages, and this will help set them apart as more brands start to use SMS marketing.

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