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Have you ever seen something you want to try or buy but have no idea where it’s from or how to find it? Recently Pinterest released three new features to solve this common issue: Lens, Shop the Look, and Instant Ideas. “You shouldn’t have to put your thoughts into words to find great ideas,” explained Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp.

Here’s the low-down:


Pinterest ‘Lens’ brings your best ideas to life. Point and shoot an item of interest using your cell phone camera and Pinterest will curate a variety of similar images. For every time you see someone wearing a cute jacket while walking down the street, you can now take a picture to find out where to buy it thanks to this update!

Not only does lens recognize specific items, but it can also identify objects to serve up related content. For example, if you take a picture of spaghetti, Pinterest can recommend top pasta dishes and recipes. The pastabilities are endless!

Shop the Look

Have you seen an image on Pinterest, of a pair of sunglasses you like? Now you have the option to buy them with the click of a button thanks to ‘Shop the Look.’ Not only can you make purchases, but you can get street style inspiration for the item as well, bringing happiness to everyone who doesn’t know what to wear in the morning! Shopping has been made simple for the consumer and even better for brands who want to focus solely on conversion.

Instant Ideas

While browsing your Pinterest feed, you’ll notice a small circle in the lower right-hand corner of each photo. Pressing this button will bring up a variety of ‘Instant Ideas’ which are images related to the one you clicked on. The backend of Pinterest will track your clicks and be able to serve you more personalized content catered to your taste for easy pinning and shopping. Soon you’ll only be shown content that they believe is sure to catch your eye. Check out this video to see the updates in action!

Tech junkies and social media maven fashionistas, get out your phones and add this app along with it’s new tools to your list of essentials. Tweet us @Socialfly with your thoughts on the new shopping experience!

Image via: AdWeek

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