Treat Your Fans, Build Brand Loyalty: The Importance of Surprise & Delight Campaigns

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The desire to be recognized and acknowledged is something all humans experience. It is a universal truth that we, as a people, like for our voices to be heard, and for our opinions to be validated.  We also love getting free stuff. It is a universal truth that everyone loves free stuff.

So, how can marketers capitalize on the need to be validated as well as our desire for freebies?  Three simple words: Surprise and Delight.

Think back to a moment when you received an item free of charge. Whether it was a comped drink from a restaurant or a Sephora birthday gift (which, are always awesome, and if you haven’t signed up for these you need to get on that) a freebie is never met with a frown! Regardless of what the item was, this instance is likely fond in your memory. In fact, you’re probably smiling just thinking about it.

“We bet you look just like this right now!”

Look at that smile, marketers. YOU can make YOUR consumer look just like that joyous Weimaraner with the help of a Surprise & Delight campaign.

If you work in marketing, particularly social media, it’s likely that you experience customer feedback. In fact, you may have a few super fans who share their brand love on the regular. Margot B. from Seattle, who loves to post about your client, would most definitely appreciate being rewarded her unconditional love with some fun freebies.

Once Margot B. receives this surprise swag, she may even post about it! Not only are you bringing joy to this superfan, but this tactic spreads the word o about your brand. Don’t stop with Margot B., though! Keep an eye on your pages and make this Surprise & Delight campaign a regular occurrence. As soon as your audience begins to realize that your brand is gifting fans frequently, they’ll increase their engagement in hopes of being one of the lucky followers who receives a reward.

This could be YOUR tea and MARGOT’s photo! Just imagine all of the sweet, sweet UGC this campaign could generate.”

In short: send gifts, receive pics, spur engagement, create loyal followers. A Surprise & Delight campaign is pretty much a win-win-win-win situation. If you want to win win win no matter what, we can help. Contact the Socialfly team today to see how we can help with your  Surprise & Delight campaign!

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