Top TikTok Trends For October 2021

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It’s officially fall and TikTok is serving up the ultimate Autumn Aesthetic (literally). Keep reading for October’s most popular TikTok trends, and don’t forget to tune into our TikTok webinar on Thursday, October 14th! 


It’s Fall Y’all

New for Fall 2021, TikTok has launched the Autumn Aesthetic creative effect. The effect adds a filter to videos, incorporating a tint of orange to elevate the freaky fall vibes. So far, this top TikTok trend has been used for fashion videos, home decor content, and of course, Autumn appreciation posts

Check out the trend’s feed here.


Did You Understand the Assignment?

“The Assignment” by Tay Money quickly rose to fame due to its catchy beat and lyrics. TikTokers create videos to boast how quickly and efficiently they have completed a task, using Tay Money’s lyrics to say, “I understood the assignment.”

Check out the trend’s feed here.


To the Salon

TikTok has always been a place to share journeys, tell stories and show transformations. From beauty glow-ups to home improvement and cooking , #TotheSalon features an optimistic voiceover saying, “it’s really not that bad, it just needs a little… shaping,” and allows TikTokers to show off any change or transformation in their lives.

Check out the trend’s feed here.


You Are Enough

TikTok is all about spreading positivity and love, and the “You Are Enough” trend does just that. TikTokers are using Sleeping At Last’s song “You Are Enough” to show appreciation for the most important people (and animals) in their lives. Many of these videos start with vulnerable statements made by the creator’s loved ones, leading into old pictures and videos to offer acceptance and understanding. However, like all TikTok trends, there are many different versions, including some that poke fun at the creators themselves and others that “speak” to a broader group of people rather than an individual person.

Check out the trend’s feed here.


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Written By: Breann Antokal, Business Development & Marketing Manager

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