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Last month, Socialfly’s CEO and Co-Founder Courtney Spritzer gained a new title: Chief Robe Officer of WorkRobe. Courtney created WorkRobe to allow remote workers to reimagine what they wear to work (from home). A product for the post-covid era, the robes are designed to have you looking your best during any video meeting, so you can go from bedroom to boardroom in seconds – and in comfort. Socialfly was in charge of the creative direction for the launch, including branding, brand voice and marketing strategy. We sat down with Courtney to learn more about WorkRobe and uncover the secrets to launching a brand on social media. 


When did you first have the idea for WorkRobe?

I had just moved to Miami in June of 2020, about three months after Socialfly went fully remote. When I moved into my new apartment, I took advantage of the terrace right away. I didn’t have outdoor space in New York City and quickly realized how nice it felt to work from a balcony and enjoy the fresh air. One particular day, I was laying outside in a swimsuit while responding to emails in between my meetings. I lost track of time and found myself 5 minutes late to a video meeting. I frantically searched for something to wear and stared at my red silk robe, quickly deeming it inappropriate for a professional call. I continued my search, threw on a more professional top, and got on my Zoom meeting.


During the meeting, my mind was racing with ideas for how to quickly go from sunbathing, working out or showering to dialing into a conference call. After my meeting ended, the name “WorkRobe” hit me. I saw that the trademark was available and applied for the trademark just a few hours later.


Describe the marketing strategy for the launch of WorkRobe.

Once I figured out how to create and produce the product, Socialfly came up with the logo, brand guidelines, brand voice, social media strategy, and creative direction for the brand. Launching the brand entailed paid search and paid social; a partnership with Entreprenista; a brand ambassador campaign; influencer marketing; and organic social media.


During the pre-launch phase, I teased content out on my personal social media channels by sharing that a new WFH product was coming, without giving too much away. I also shared the idea with close friends to get their feedback. About two weeks prior to the official launch date, I announced the product on social media, focusing on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. I also sent a dedicated email blast to all of my personal and professional contacts, as well as the Entreprenista community. 


We released our official campaign video on the day we launched, resulting in a notable amount of shares on social media. Within 2 weeks, we went viral on TikTok.


What social platforms are you focusing on and why?

We always recommend that clients focus on the platforms where their customers spend the most amount of time. With the business and fashion communities top of mind, we are focusing most of our organic content efforts on Instagram and LinkedIn in order to reach our core consumer. We also decided to formally launch a TikTok account after learning that our customers were organically discovering our product there.


What marketing tips do you have for entrepreneurs launching a product or brand?

My advice for launching a brand starts with understanding your target audience. Learn where they spend their time and what entertains them, and use that knowledge to create thumb-stopping content that clearly illustrates the functionality and benefits of the product. You will need content for your website, social media, advertisements, and emails, so try to capture as much content as possible.


Can you share some key learnings from the launch of WorkRobe? 

  1. A brand ambassador program is key for new brands, as current customers are your best advocates!
  2. Facebook / Instagram and Google ads are hugely important to drive awareness and sales. We look at blended ROAS against total business sales.
  3. Partnerships with like-minded brands help get new and existing brands in front of engaged audiences.
  4. Working professionals are discovering new products on TikTok. Most of WorkRobe’s sales have come from customers discovering us on TikTok.


What is your favorite business tool or solution that helps you manage WorkRobe?

Shopify, Klaviyo, and Instagram!


How will your marketing strategy evolve as sales continue to grow? Are there any new tactics you want to try?

Now that we have a good base of loyal customers, we are going to create more educational content (think: WFH tips, how-tos) in order to resonate with our audience and keep them engaged with the brand. We are also looking to do more partnerships with other brands and influencers, as well as expand our brand ambassador program. In terms of seasonal initiatives, we are working on our holiday content and promotions in order to break through the clutter and drive sales.


Follow WorkRobe on social: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and use code SOCIALFLY20 at for 20% OFF your first purchase!


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