Top TikTok Trends For November 2021

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Welcome back to your monthly dose of all things TikTok. As a top social media marketing agency, we are constantly keeping tabs on TikTok’s newest features and trending content. Keep reading for a roundup of the latest TikTok news for November 2021.


TikTok News for November 2021

Browse TikTok on TV

TikTok TV is now available in North America across a variety of platforms. In addition to Amazon Fire TV, which introduced TikTok TV earlier this month, users can now find the TikTok TV app on Google TV™, other Android TV™ OS devices, LG Smart TVs, and Samsung Smart TVs.

The TikTok TV app resembles a TV home-viewing experience, offering access to both the “For You” and “Following” feeds. TikTok TV also displays the “Discover” page, which features some of TikTok’s most popular content. To get started, users can login to the TikTok TV app with their existing account.

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TikTok Continues to Rise in Popularity Among Teens

In a recent survey by Forrester, 63% of teens in the US indicated that they’re using TikTok weekly, compared with 57% for Instagram. Incorporating responses from more than 4,600 teenagers in the US, Forrester’s survey found that users see TikTok as a more positive experience than Instagram. Despite TikTok’s popularity, YouTube is still the most used app among Americans between the ages of 12 and 17, with 72% of teens using YouTube weekly.

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TikTok Trends for November 2021

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Using the famous Christmas tune, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” TikTokers are taking to the short-form video app to get into the holiday spirit. This trending audio shows everything from shopping experiences to seasonal decorations and even holiday-themed pranks. 

Check out the trend’s feed here.


Tis’ the Season for Self Love 

Using the hashtag #SelfLove, TikTokers are showing fellow creators and followers how they take time for themselves. With more than 25B views, this hashtag showcases videos with wellness tips and self-care advice. 

Check out the trend’s feed here.


#IAmWoman, Hear Me Roar

With trending audio in the background, TikTok’s #IAmWomen movement features strong, fearless women alongside daily affirmations. Much like the #SelfLove trend, #IAmWoman places an emphasis on positivity and appreciation, proving that self care is more important than ever.

Check out the trend’s feed here.


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Written By: Breann Antokal, Business Development & Marketing Manager

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