TikTok Recap for April 2022

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As a social media and influencer marketing agency, we’re reflecting back on the top TikTok news & trends for April 2022. Keep reading for our monthly TikTok recap: 


TikTok News


Maximizing Content Performance

TikTok’s Creative Sandbox shares new key learnings for how brands can maximize content performance on the app. These “fundamental basics” include: shooting hi-res content with video resolution of 720P+; using a 9:16 aspect ratio; sticking between 21-24 seconds; and adding audio.

Check out the sandbox rules here.


Testing “Dislikes”

In an effort to continue supporting safety and fostering kindness on the app, TikTok recently announced several platform updates. One of these updates includes testing a feature that allows users to identify comments they believe to be irrelevant or inappropriate. The “dislike” feature is not public – only the person who registered a dislike on a comment will be able to see that they have done so. TikTok is also testing safety reminders for creators – especially those whose videos appear to be receiving a high proportion of negative comments. We can expect an update on these features in the coming weeks.

Read the announcement here.


TikTok Remains the #1 Most Downloaded App

Q1 data from Sensor Tower shows that TikTok continues to hold the #1 spot for most downloaded app worldwide. TikTok (including Douyin), also maintained its position as the top grossing non-game app, generating more than $800 million in consumer spending this quarter.

See the report here.


TikTok Trends


“I Got a New Life”

Users are sharing the bad habits they’ve overcome with this sound from “Pitch Perfect.” This audio presents a fun opportunity for brands to get involved and show how their products can help break bad habits or create good ones.

Check out the trend’s feed here.


“All the Things She Said”

This song is being used for the “I hereby sentence you…” trend, where users are pretending to hear their sentences within their niche. For example, a social media marketer might post, “I hereby sentence you to a lifetime of ‘failed post’ notifications from Sprout.” Notorious for its “unhinged content,” language app Duolingo had an interesting take on the trend, using the audio to jab at a main competitor. 

Check out the trend’s feed here.


“This is perfect! Perfect, perfect, perfect.”

TikTokers are using this audio to share the perfect situations and outcomes within their niche. Brands are also using this audio to showcase the benefits of their products.

Check out the trend’s feed here.


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