The Power of Authenticity

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When it comes to social media and marketing, one thing is constant: Change. The landscape is ever-evolving and sometimes it can be daunting to keep up with trends, technology, and platforms that are either newly emerging or making huge pivots.

But despite this, there is one common theme I’ve noticed that has staying power, and that’s authenticity. Because people are depending more and more each day on social media to make true connections and seek out information—in personal and professional ways—it’s something that is pivotal for brands to pick up on as well.

Recently as we were reviewing a client’s metrics and preparing their monthly report, we noticed that the top-performing post (by far) wasn’t something that focused on the product, or promoted a sale, even. It was a mock text that showed a conversation between friends that was real and raw—but that also related to the brand. And it clearly resonated with the audience, who engaged with the post with their own related reactions and stories.

Another client we’re working on a strategy for told us during our kickoff that the last thing they care about as a result of the campaign is sales. Instead, they want to tell a story. They want potential customers to truly feel connected to their brand in a way that’s genuine and meaningful.

Of course, conversion from a sales perspective is important and meaningful, but something I’ve learned—especially throughout this year and all the ups and downs it has brought—is that people crave connection. They want to be heard. They want to share. They want to relate. And there’s an enormous opportunity for brands to capitalize on this in so many different ways. Whether it be with their content, their community management, customer service, and so much more. If a customer or member of your audience feels that something resonates with them and is taking time out of their day to make the effort to connect with your brand, you owe it to them to have them feel valued for sharing that with you.

 The point is: Every brand has a story. And it has a unique way to invite its audience (and potential audiences) into its own special world. What’s yours? And how can we help you make it happen? Reach out to We can’t wait to show you how we can bring YOUR story to life.

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