The Most Fire Tweets from the Fyre Festival

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If you’ve been up-to-date with the latest headlines, you’ve heard of the Fyre Festival – now dubbed the “Rich Kids of Instagram Meets the Hunger Games.” Guests were in for the “adventure of a lifetime, ” but the adventure they experienced was not what were sold.

Advertised as the most elite and luxurious festival of the year, where guests would party on a private island with their favorite celebs and influencers, quickly escalated into chaos. Organizers soon realized they were in over their heads but only AFTER attendees arrived at an unfinished site, refugee tents, lack of food and water, no musicians, and people stealing their things.

After hours of mayhem, people were finally boarding flights and touching down in the U.S. Following the viral incident, Ja Rule and business partner Billy McFarland are now dealing with a $100 million lawsuit. Ja Rule responded to the chaos by releasing an apology which seems anything but sincere.

I’m just waiting for his biggest enemy 50 cent to swoop in like…

But wait. He did!

So kick back. Relax. And bask in the satisfaction that you got to watch this play out on Twitter instead of in person.

Check out the breakdown of our top 10 favorites #FyreFraud tweets:











Jokes and memes aside, a key takeaway from the Fyre fiasco is the importance of following and keeping up-to-date with FTC guidelines for both brands and influencers. Multiple celebrities and influencers posted on their social media pages about the festival essentially giving it their A-list stamp of approval. While they may not have known the disaster that was to come, the power of the #hashtag was proven. Influencers and celebrities are now under fire for failing to disclose that they were being paid to promote the festival.

If the Fyre Festival did one thing right, it was proving the power of influencer marketing and the strength of social media.

What was your favorite tweet from the Fyre Festival fiasco? Tag us @socialfly to let us know.

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