The Magic of the Unicorn Trend

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Searching for your unicorn bae isn’t the only trend that has millennials lusting over mythical creatures this year. The unicorn food trend has spread through Instagram like wildfire, culminating last week with the five-day Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino movement. The topic has us wondering, does this mainstream escalation mean magic or mortality to the trend?

The glistening, rainbow colored foods galloped onto the scene late last year, originating with health blogger and food stylist Adeline Waugh. Her unicorn and mermaid toasts, consisting of beetroot, chlorophyll, and blueberry-dyed cream cheese creations went viral almost immediately.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.08.46 AMImage Via: @vibrantandpure

The Starbucks drink includes “pink powder” blended into a full-fat Frappuccino with “mango syrup” and “blue drizzle,” making the ingredients just as mysterious as the unicorn creature What’s not a mystery is the whopping 410 calories, 59 grams of sugar and 62 grams of carbs in a grande drink.

Although the limited edition drink is no longer, the trend lives on. Health bloggers hopped right into the saddle to create their variations staying true to the trend’s roots, with recipes that include real fruit and naturally derived ingredients.

A Barista even posted a Reddit of their Unicorn Lemonade creation and it, by no surprise, went viral. The new creation isn’t offered in stores, but we can assume that your barista is getting bombarded with requests.

The moral of the story is Instagrammable food conquers all. We challenge you to create a healthier DIY version that’s good for the taste buds and even better on your feed. Tweet us @Socialfly with your creations!

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