The Impact Influencers Will Make On Your Content

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When is the last time you didn’t skip a pre-roll ad on YouTube? Or watched an entire native Instagram ad?

With an overwhelming amount of content being produced every day, it’s harder to break through the noise as a brand. Views skew further towards independent content creators, and marketers are left struggling to connect with their target market.

So what’s the good news? Marketers can leverage these influencers and thought leaders to help compensate.

Let me show you two examples of ads created by companies offering a similar service. Both Skillshare and Masterclass are online learning platforms that offer courses in video production, music creation, and photography. Watch both of these ads below to immediately see the difference that integrating an influencer into a campaign can make.

Skillshare  vs. Masterclass

While skillshare’s ad does a great job explaining the platform, it generates very little interest to viewers. It’s safe and exactly what you would expect on online learning platforms ads to look like.

Masterclass takes an entirely different approach to their content. Viewers are instantly drawn in by Timbaland’s infectious energy and want to see more. The hook of his most popular song plays in the background while his accolades appear on the screen. Viewers can’t help but feel excited and inspired.

Having an influencer in a campaign not only leverages their audience, but it also leverages the trust of their audience. In today’s competitive world of content creation, it’s more important than ever to integrate them into campaigns.

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