The Best Influencer Tiers for Every Stage of the Funnel

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With influencer campaigns now a key marketing tool for companies of all kinds, it’s important to understand which tiers, verticals and platforms will reach your goals and benefit your business most effectively. There are benefits to working with a mix of influencer tiers and determining which to continue long-term partnerships with based on final campaign results. Continue reading and register for our webinar on Developing Full-Funnel Paid & Influencer Campaigns on Wednesday, November 16th to learn more.

Now let’s start by defining how we categorize influencers with different levels of followings. 


Nano Influencers (5K-10K followers)

Small but mighty, Nano Influencers typically have a close knit and intimate group of followers within local areas, maintaining an extremely strong and credible connection. They are able to achieve a more personal relationship with their audiences, who are extremely trusting of their opinions regarding recommended products and services. These influencers are ideal for local businesses who wish to reach specific geographic locations, but can be utilized by companies of all sizes to reach niche audiences and create content for repurposing.


Micro Influencers (10K-50K followers)

Many brands are prioritizing partnerships with Micro Influencers, as they provide quality content and product reviews with authentic messaging and high engagement rates. Being a bit larger than Nano Influencers, yet still small enough to be engaged, these creators maintain a loyal followership by replying to a majority of comments and messages. This tier tends to drive up campaign engagement rates due to strong trust and personal connection.


Mid-Tier Influencers (50K-250K followers)

With an established online presence, Mid-Tier Influencers hold that sweet and powerful middle spot, with the ability to reach a large audience while still driving high engagement rates and a personal connection with their followers. Aside from analytics, they provide brands with some of the most high quality content, as most of them are able to devote a majority of their time to content creation. Mid-tiers are more affordable in comparison to their larger counterparts, while achieving amazing sales results and driving high ROI for brands they’re associated with.


Macro Influencers (250K-1.5M followers)

These big-time social media influencers have mass followings who look to them as experts in their verticals. Macro creators are great for connecting your brand with a well-known name, creating top notch content and driving a majority of sales. Although they may be pricier at times, we have seen great success with Macro Influencers driving the highest sales for clients, especially when they include discount codes for a percentage off at purchase.


Celeb & Social Star Influencers (1.5M+ followers)

If brands are looking for mass awareness and celebrity endorsements, these A-List social stars are the right tier to engage. Whether they’re Hollywood celebrities or pseudo-celebrities in their respective field, celebrity and social star placements will be the most expensive, coming in at a hefty cost for just one post. On the other hand, these trendsetters have an outstanding reach and are able to spread awareness and sales for brands as they introduce consumers to companies they may not have heard about otherwise. 


The Conclusion

Overall, the perfect influencer tier for your campaign is dependent on the main verticals, scope, budget and most of all, the goal of the campaign. That said, we typically find that Micro, Mid-Tier, Macro and Celeb are best for upper funnel metrics, while Nano, Micro, Mid-Tier, Macro and Celeb influencers are best for lower funnel campaigns.

As an influencer marketing agency, we work with our clients to define the most appropriate influencer tiers for each campaign – But our work doesn’t stop there. We also conceptualize creative campaigns and handle all aspects of the campaign, including outreach, negotiation, contracting and more. To learn more about how we work with brands like yours, reach out to us at

Written By: Cara Duffy, Influencer Marketing Account Supervisor

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