The 7 Updates From Apple’s #WWDC 2017 That Have Everyone Talking

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Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote was this week, and Apple super fans around the world could not be more excited. From the introduction of Amazon to Apple TV and Apple’s answer to Venmo, here’s what you can look forward too!
1. Amazon Video is coming to an Apple TV Near You
It was only a matter of time before the two media powerhouses came together, letting Apple TV/Amazon Video enthusiasts rejoice! A feud between Amazon and Apple kept Amazon’s library off of Apple TV. However, it appears the two have put their differences aside to serve their loyal consumers better.
2. High Sierra Revealed and Macs Get A Much-Needed Facelift
The new OS, High Sierra places a heavy focus on utilizing more deep technologies. Apple CEO Tim Cook also announced some incredibly overdue Mac updates. New desktops now have much stronger graphic capabilities and also have higher memory capacities. Apple Notebooks (MacBook and MacBook Pro) will have faster processors. With the increasing use of VR and AR in today’s tech industry, these updates will position Apple as the go-to for creative pros.
3. iOS 11 saw some awesome updates – including ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode
GPS: Users can now use Maps indoors for larger places such as malls and airports. A ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode will now be active on all devices that have iOS 11. If you’re driving your phone will automatically go into this mode, muting all notifications and notifying your contacts that are reaching out to you that you will get back to them once you have reached your destination. Passengers, don’t fret! If you are indeed a passenger, you will be able to turn off the mode and then go about your social media lurking uninterrupted.
4. Apple Pay: Apple introduced a new single pay, person-to-person payment feature. This update is a huge blow to current single payment leader Venmo.
5. App Store: The App Store is getting a complete makeover with an entirely new look and feel. Upon opening the app, users will see the Today tab which will highlight the top App and Game for that given day.
6. Apple Watch is also getting an update
To revive Apple Watch sales, Cook and his team introduced some fun updates for the device and its watchOS four software. A new watch face will set up a feed of your day and will tailor information it serves you with a close focus on healthy initiatives. For example, if you set a fitness or activity goal for yourself, your Apple Watch feed will update in real time with the steps (literally!) you need to take to get there by day’s end.
7. Apple FINALLY introduces a home hub
Apple’s answer to Google Home and Amazon Echo is here! The HomePod speaker will respond to voice commands through Siri and place a heavy emphasis on Apple Music integration. It will also include other Apple services like Messages and Calls and will provide tailored information to its users.
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