SocialLIVE Episode 103: Upgrade your wardrobe with WISHI! 

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On this week’s episode of SocialLIVE, we cover everything from Facebook Dating to personal style in the palm of your hands!
  1. Facebook released new information on their Dating feature and a first look at the more mature design of the tool. Currently, in beta for employees only, we share predictions for how users will adopt the tool.

  2. Instagram and Facebook shared additional details on the function of their Time Well-Spent features. The tools show users a raw count of the minutes they’ve spent in their apps each day in the last week plus their average across the week.

  3. Snapchat rolled out another innovative and interactive lens feature! The new filter has speech recognition capabilities and can respond to English words like “love” and “wow.”

  4. Want the wardrobe of your favorite #influencer? WISHI matches you with a personal stylist that builds Instagram-worthy and personalized looks for your lifestyle! Founder @cleaohana joined us on #SocialLIVE to share her secrets to style and success.

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