Socialfly’s Year in Music: 2015

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ICYMI: Spotify released an interactive new feature this year allowing users to view their “Year in Music.”

The feature, which uses data collected from January 1, 2015 onward, allows Spotify users to view their top played tracks, top artists, top songs, and amount of hours spent listening to music this year. It even shows users the first song they played in the new year so you can track just how far your tastes have come since the start of the calendar.

We had all of our office Spotify users test out the feature and submit their top five tracks of the year, and with great graphics and interactive features, the site was a delight to use!

Below, we have compiled all the Socialflies’ top tracks of the year to make the ultimate Socialfly 2015 playlist. Now excuse us while we put this on repeat for the next few months.

We would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

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