Facebook to Expand Live-Streaming to All Users

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Facebook has officially announced that the live streaming tool is now available to all users.

Facebook first unveiled this live streaming tool back in August, but at the time it was only accessible to celebrities and public figures. By making this tool only available to celebrities, it captured a lot of attention from the Facebook community. Live streaming allowed these high-profile users a level of exclusivity with the function and boosted their response rates by making their content stand out in New Feeds. Now that Facebook has tested the tool and received positive responses, it’s time to launch it to the world.

Live streaming has become one of the most popular online trends in 2015 since the release of Periscope, which has grown tremendously within the last year. This app has made its mark in the social media industry by bringing in close to two million daily active users.

Facebook live streaming is easy to use. The feature will be built into the status update field, making it easily accessible from Facebook’s home page. Once you tap on the ‘Live’ icon, you’re taken to a screen where you can name your live stream and choose the audience that you want to share it with. After this step, tap the big ‘Go Live’ button and you’re on. Once you’re finished live streaming, click on ‘Finish’ and the video will be saved and posted onto your timeline and will appear just like any typical Facebook post.

In addition to the live streaming feature, Facebook will also be introducing a photo/video collage tool that groups together content that is taken at the same time and location as the live stream into what is called a “scrolling, moving collage.” Your Facebook friends will be able to experience your adventures and memories as if they were alongside with you.

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