Social Media Trend Report | November 2022

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Wondering what’s trending on social this month? We’ve got you covered with our November social media trend report.


Platform Updates & Industry News
Trending Reels Audio
  • Big Energy| Users are sharing their travel experiences, tips and tricks
  • There She Goes| Users are sharing activities that make them feel like a main character
  • I’m Coming Back For You| The previously trending TikTok sound is now trending on Reels
  • Don’t I Make It Look Easy| Users are sharing their holiday tips and tricks with this Meghan Trainor song
  • Intoxicated| Users are sharing tips and tricks within their niches with the tips changing on the beat
  • Carol of the Bells| Users are sharing their holiday inspired content
  • Made You Look| Different from the TikTok dance to Meghan Trainor’s song, creators are using the audio on Reels to share  POV’s within their niches.
Trending TikTok Sounds
  • Bejeweled| Users are sharing POV’s within their niche
  • It’s Time!| Users are sharing things they look forward to or get excited about
  • No Hands| Users are showing off their adventures with their “I’m down if you’re down” friend.
  • Bring the Action| Users are using this sound in various ways on TikTok
  • Days of the Week| Users are sharing what outfits they wear throughout the week
  • I’m Putting On My Best Show| Users are sharing how dramatic they are or how they’re able to disguise their true behaviors or personality

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