Social Media News for SMBs: X Launches New Verified Tier

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In the latest social media news for small businesses, X has hatched a new, more affordable Verified Organizations tier. The official @Verified account first tweeted about the new plan on January 2nd, saying, “Designed for smaller businesses, subscribers receive ad credits & priority support to enable faster growth on X.”

Aimed at small businesses interested in getting the coveted gold checkmark, the social media platform rolled out a “Basic” subscription for just $200 per month or $2,000 per year. But what else do Verified Organization Basic accounts get? In addition to a gold verification badge, Basic businesses will receive priority support, access to the X Hiring platform, Premium+ perks, and monthly advertising credits equal to the subscription cost. For example, a $200 per month subscriber receives $200 in ad credits each month.

Keep in mind, the Basic tier does not include the Affiliations feature, which allows organizations to, “choose to affiliate any individual or entity associated with them.” Additionally, only “Full Access” users will receive “2x boost” for their posts on the platform. That said, the $1,000 per month Full Access subscription option still exists for larger brands needing more robust tools, including $1,000 advertising credit to spend on the organization or any of its affiliates each month.

The Basic offering opens up verification and growth features to smaller organizations, making it clear that X wants to help a wider range of brands take flight on the platform.

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Written By: Breann Antokal, Associate Director, Business Development

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