Achieve TikTok Success With Organic & Paid Tactics

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Over the years, TikTok has continued to evolve its content capabilities, creator resources, advertising tools and ecommerce features, not only maintaining its relevancy, but also establishing itself as a crucial social media platform for brands and creators alike. As many brands continue to strive for virality, growth and conversions on TikTok, we’re sharing our secret to TikTok success: combining paid and organic strategies.


What’s New?

TikTok Shop: TikTok Shop launched in the U.S., allowing businesses and creators to sell directly through shoppable content on the TikTok app. Users may find and directly purchase products via Lives, FY page videos, pinned content, or the new “Shop” tab.

Out of Phone: TikTok’s out-of-home solution “lets partners and brands leverage TikTok content beyond the platform, bringing it into the real world through screens on billboards and kiosks” and in restaurants, airports, gas stations, retail stores, and more.

Text Posts: Text-based posts allow creators and brands to share stories, recipes, quotes and more in a text-only format. The feature currently allows users to share up to 2,200 characters per post.

Longer Videos: Last year, TikTok expanded it’s maximum video length to 10-minutes. Now, they’re exploring the option to upload videos as long as 15 minutes. Testing is currently underway with select users.


The Power of Organic & Paid

– Organic TikTok presence is powerful due to the platform’s unique algorithm that surfaces trending and engaging content. Strategies involve using popular sounds, hashtags, posting consistently captivating content, and partnering with influencers.  

– Running paid TikTok ads allows brands to supplement organic reach by targeting specific demographics and interests. Objectives range from driving site traffic to boosting brand awareness.

– Creative best practices apply to both organic and paid TikTok content, like using effects, telling a story, optimizing for mobile, etc. Leverage user-generated content for both organic and paid content, as well.


Key Takeaways 

Expand Your Reach: Organic strategies focus on creating engaging content to capture the audience’s attention and foster a community, while paid is used to amplify the reach of this content to a broader audience. This combination allows brands to engage with existing followers and reach potential new consumers, ultimately propelling brand visibility, boosting engagement, and driving growth.

Entertain Your Audience: Your content should provide value and purpose, but it should also be entertaining. TikTok is a platform built on music and fun trends, and while it has greatly evolved over the years, users still come to the platform to feel inspired and engaged. Take advantage of native features and sounds to craft trendsetting content, without making it too overly produced. 

Work With Creators: Creators know what they’re doing and who they’re doing it for. Their ability to craft compelling and creative content that resonates with their audience can lead to higher engagement rates, increased brand exposure, and the potential for virality.


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