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Let’s face it, when we were young most of us would much rather a picture book versus a literary book filled with only words. Today, social media thrives in the visual world, which proves that pictures really do tell a thousand words. Many of us are guilty of scrolling down our Instagram news feed for more time than we would like to admit. What is it about photos that have us so intrigued? For most, it is much easier to focus on an image then to read a full-length article. Attention grabbing graphics also lure us in and builds excitement and curiosity when we scroll by.

The very successful Instagram is accountable for 55 million photos each day.  Everyone is a photographer on Instagram as they carefully edit and choose filters to bring dull pictures to life. It gives users a creative outlet that allows them to present their photos in a more appealing way to friends, family and essentially the entire world.

Social media platforms seem to be emphasizing greatly on photo sharing. Companies can now directly interact with their consumers, luring them in to buy their product. We are constantly exchanging visual content with each other with just one click of a button.  Platforms like Pinterest make connecting with others and reaching a large audience through pinning photos effortless. Not only does pinning elicit individuality and self-expression for users, but it also gives companies a personable and a life-like essence, making it easier to relate and connect to consumers.  The more harnessing of visual aids on social media, the more traffic and interactions will be made. Whether you are pushing out content for your brand, or launching your next social media contest, keep in mind that your potential customers want more pictures and less words.


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