What Does Snapchat’s Latest Update Mean for Social Media Advertising? 

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We are living in a time where each social media outlet is trying to out-do the other with a new and innovative feature that sets them apart from the competition. While Snapchat and social media powerhouse, Facebook continue to one-up each other, Snapchat’s new feature may change the game for the app. Snapchat recently purchased the Zenly, app that allows for precise GPS mapping,  for a whopping $350 million, enabling them to roll out their latest feature, Snap Maps.
How does Snap Maps work? 
It’s Saturday night, and you are wondering what your BFF Jill is up too. Open Snapchat, zoom out on your camera screen opening the Snap Map feature and find out!
This new feature allows you to view all your Snapchat friends on the map and pinpoint their location using their Bitmoji. Do not worry; you don’t have to share your location unless you want to. The Snap Map has a unique feature called ‘ghost mode’ where you can hide your location from your contacts. Fair warning, once the map feature is enabled, ALL of your Snapchat friends have direct access to your site whenever you open up the application.
Find local hot spots! 
Another interesting feature the Snap Map offers is the “heat map.” If you take a look at the Snap Map, you will notice there are portions of the map with ‘warm’ colors around them, indicating an abundance of Snapchat activity. The fascinating part about this is while sitting on your couch in New York City; you can virtually connect with people around the world and see where the fun is happening!
Putting Advertisers On The Map. 
So what does this new tool mean for social media advertising? As the Snap Map feature becomes more and more popular, we predict big brands and companies will compete for ad space on the map. The new map feature is a great tool for event promotion as we have already seen concerts, food festivals and restaurants using the tool to advertise. The Snap Map feature is also another great way for Snapchat to gain revenue through the use of social media marketing and comes on the heels of their new self-serve ad platform.
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