Sapphire Apps & Socialfly: A Conversation on Personal Branding and Influencer Marketing

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We teamed up with Sapphire Stories to discuss social media influencers and the power of personal branding! Manu Goswami, Rob Fajardo and Socialfly’s Director of Influencer Marketing Joanne Reiter joined to explore this subject to an audience of other entrepreneurs.

Thomas Ma led the discussion and challenged the panelists to explore how they define personal branding. Rob, Founder of Leave Normal Behind; a global movement of purpose-driven people coming together to become the best version of themselves and create things that matter, defined personal branding as, “What people say about you and not necessarily what you say about yourself.” He went on to share a strategy his company uses to test their branding, “To test how our audience perceives us, we ask them to share in one word how they would describe Leave Normal Behind.” Posting this question to your audience over social media allows users to engage directly and, from a brand standpoint, gain quick and honest feedback.

“The honest answer I have is very simple because I believe it is a combination of your values, your beliefs, and your ideas.” Manu, an award-winning serial tech entrepreneur, and innovator, UN Youth Ambassador, Huffington Post contributor, early-stage tech investor, LinkedIn campus editor, social media personality and TEDx speaker, believes in the power of authenticity in branding. He encouraged the audience to stay true themselves as personal branding can feed into your business.

Stephanie Cartin led the conversation with Joanne Reiter who detailed the top three things to consider when creating an influencer marketing campaign from a brand perspective.

  1. What are the brand’s primary goals? Depending on the amount of content a brand has, we look to influencers to create content to repurpose. Other times, brands are looking to grow their audience or drive sales and that helps determine the strategy. 
  2. Set a budget. The budget is essential when choosing the right influencer for the campaign. 
  3. Timing is extremely important so the influencer can create high-quality content that will make an impact.

For more insights from our panel, head over to our Facebook page for the live stream! Looking for more help creating an influencer campaign? Contact us today!

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