Remain connected with your loved one, even in the most hectic situations!

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Do you ever wish there was one place where you could remain in constant contact with a loved one, spouse, or best friend? The new social app “Pair”, recently rebranded as “Couple”, allows two people to create a constant loop of communication including conversation, pictures, videos, and shared locations. At first glance, this app may seem more creepy than cool, but its’ ability to only connect you with one person eliminates the threat of unwanted followers.

“Couple” has the ability to allow you to simplify your connection with your loved one and keep all virtual contact within one stream of information. Although the app allows a couple to constantly update one another, it transforms into a chat forum when both individuals are logged in. Could the app get any better? Yup! There is also an option to “facetime” through the app, allowing you to remain logged in and connected while catching more than just a still shot photo or video of your loved one.


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